Sophie's arrival

Thursday, January 30, 2014

This post should be dated 9/13/13 and here we are four months later i've decided to blog about it. I guess better late than never...
My pregnancy was pretty much the same as others, puking all 9 months. We had extra ultrasounds with her because at some point we had placenta issue, but it ended up working itself out by the end.
Thursday, September 12th, started pretty ordinary. Like any other day I dropped the kids off to school and headed to work. By lunch, I've noticed few odd things and decided to stop by the doctor's office to check things out. Turns out I was 5 centimeters dilated and I was sent to the hospital right away. I was a little worried since my due date wasn't till October 5th, but part of me was relieved that this will be over soon and I can finally meet my baby girl.
Branden met me at the hospital, I was ready to go and settled in my bed. I wasn't really in too much pain and my contractions weren't regular. We were both very excited. Nurse came in to start IVs and 20 minutes later and several holes in my arms and hands I was set.
I got an epidural few hours later. Didn't want to miss that! I've had a natural birth with Mason and I knew that this is something I didn't want to do again. Branden was holding me while I got stabbed in the back with a giant needle. He was kind of disappointed that he didn't get to see that. What is wrong with my husband!? Epidural is the most wonderful thing, it worked pretty quickly and my pain was gone.
Friday, September 13th. We were very excited about “Friday 13th baby”, tired but very excited. Around 1:00 am my doctor broke my water and 10 minutes later I was ready to push. She was coming with her arm first so the nurse had to push her little hand back and then 2 pushes later our baby was born. 

She was so small, that's the first thing I thought when I saw her. Is she going to be ok?? I started to freak out in my mind. But our little 5lb 10oz trouper did great. I got to hold her right away. They put her right against my chest, she was so tiny I was afraid she is going to get tangled in my gown and her blanket. She was perfect. She rolled her lip when she cried (still does that), it is most adorable sad face ever. And she looked just like her daddy (still does :).

It was finally Branden's turn to hold her. This is probably the happiest I've ever seen him. He kept kissing her and whispering things to her, it was the cutest moment ever. It almost made me cry. 

1 hour later after Sophie's arrival, our nightmare begun. We both noticed a weird bump the size of a tennis ball on my stomach. The nurse that was taking care of me pushed on it. Nobody expected what happened next. As soon as she pushed on it, blood started to gush out of me and spill on the floor. The nurse pushed some kind of emergency button and the second later we had few people rushed in our room. At this point things got kind of hazy. They took baby out of the room right away. Everybody looked pretty frantic and serious. My doctor was called back. She came in looking super concerned as well. Ultrasound machine was cartwheeled in, i guess suspicion was that part of the placenta was left behind, and whatever was left needed to be scrapped. They couldn't find anything, but let me tell you the process of searching was more painful than having a baby. The pain was intense. They had to reactivate my epidural, which at that point I don't think it really matter. I was in shock, going  in and out. It was hard to stay awake, keep my eyes open or even take a breath. There was a lot of blood. I lost about half of it. At some point I looked at Branden and I think that's when I really got scared. He looked horrified and helpless. Suddenly, I couldn't take a breath. I started to panic.One of the nurses kept talking to me and with extra oxygen things got a little better. 
Few hours later of this fight I was getting really tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. That very nice peaceful feeling that people talk about started coming my way. I just wanted to go to sleep but hopefully not forever. 
By morning, it was finally over. I had 2 blood transfusions, multiple IVs (I think we counted 8 at some point), and "balloon" inserted in my uterus to keep the pressure that stopped the bleeding. It turns out, my uterus didn't contract after the delivery, we don't really know why, I guess it can happen to anyone.
Around 9 am we finally moved to recovery room. I looked horrible, my face was swollen from all the fluid, I couldn't move my arms because of the IV's. I felt tortured and drunk from all the meds but i didn't care, I was so happy to have my baby! She was totally worth it, don't you think ?

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