Christmas PJs

Saturday, December 6, 2014

There is something about Christmas pj's, for some reason they are just so much more special than regular ones. And most of the time my kids don't match, but this year we do, so this great moment wasn't waisted :)

Just because

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I had a photo session with one of my old clients for some studio shots of her kids, and after that Sophie woke up so happy so I thought, why not! Here is my quick 5 minutes photoshoot. She is 14 months and full of fun!

Red Barn

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love Red Barn in Santaquin. We enjoyed going there for our pumpkins in the past, so this year I thought it would be good idea to go again this year. Overall it was pretty fun and kids had a blast. But two things I was somewhat disappointed and couldn't have done without. Red Barn started to charge $5 per person for the ride to the field, which I think is kind of expensive for what that is. Also, every year we go it is so windy up there, even though it was warm and sunny! Sophie didn't like the wind so much poor baby. After spending few hours there I felt like I was wind burned and definitely had two much dirt everywhere, including my hair! Ok enough with complaining. We did have a great time. Slide, bikes, maze and of course the pumpkin field was really fun.


Those two are only 1 month apart and played together since they were babies. It is so fun to see them grow up and see their personalities. Even though, they are complete opposites they still have lots of fun together.

Sisters! Sasha absolutely adores  her little sister, she is very protective of her.

Big girl walking!!! She walked entire maze. Even though it wasn't very big but still I was impressed.


I guess she really liked her pumpkin 


Christmas Themed Pics

We are getting ready for Christmas. My poor children were so good for me. I thought it would be good idea to get some cute sweaters and blankets and take few "cozy" pictures. Idea was great idea, but I didn't foreseen the weather that day. It was 80F! I bet they were so hot, but they didn't complain ... much. And my poor little one wasn't feeling well, she probably cried 50% of the time. But overall it turned out great! I can't wait to print those out.

Baby Oaklie!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am so excited, I have a brand new niece! She is most adorable thing ever. Bre worked hard to get her here, I think it was worth it. Congrats Sam and Bre!!!









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