Sophie's First Spring

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I love the little firsts. Here is one of them. It was such a warm day outside so I decided to take some pictures of Sophie outside on the grass. I was wondering how would she react. She was very curious but happy. Unfortunately, we had to cut short our photo shoot (it lasted about 10 minutes) because I started breaking into a rush (allergic to grass). But considering all the pain and misery, itchy arms and legs and very drowsy allergy medicine, I've gotten pretty cute pictures of my baby, which was totally worth it!



Easter at my house is pretty traditional - dinner, easter egg hunt, matching outfits and tons of pictures. I was very proud of myself this year for putting those together. We always have my sister and her family over which creates more fun and excitement. This year the weather was kind of cold and it was pretty windy, kind of shortens the time for easter egg hunt. I think it took like less than 5 minutes.
It was Sophie's first Easter, I am sure she won't remember it but I will. She had 3 eggs (with money) in her basket and a pink bunny. Overall everything went pretty well.

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